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Caesar’s rise. A planet’s dawn.

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Planet of The Apes by Ryan Lee / Tumblr

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This awesome arboreal dwelling is the Living the High Life Tree House created by Blue Forest, a British tree house design and construction firm. It’s a luxury family-sized complex featuring two separate tree houses, one for kids and one for their parents. The elevated dwellings are connected by a network of rope bridges which also lead to an adventure play area and an assault course, the latter of which is also accessible via an 80-yard zip line.

It may look rustic, but this is a top-of-the-line tree house. The kids’ house features three medieval towers, and inside one of them a concealed hatch in the upper floor leads to a secret game room containing a plasma TV and video game console. Meanwhile the grown-ups’ treehouse features a conical thatched roof and interior walls made of hand-split oak shingles and cedar tongue-and-groove boards. Inside there’s a kitchen (complete with plenty of wine storage), bathroom, and a large open living area for treetop entertaining. The complex also features accommodations for guests of the family.

Head over to the Blue Forest website to check out more of their amazing custom-built tree houses.

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The general public will never interact with farm animals. They’ll never take their chicken for a walk, bathe their cow, or give their pig a big ‘ol belly rub. The animals society has deemed acceptable to eat are not companion animals. You’ll never see their faces or how they got to your plate.

But it’s okay to eat meat if you’re an “animal lover.” Why love one and eat the other? Over two million dogs and cats are killed for their fur annually in China. People flip out when they hear that. “Barbarians!” “How could they?!” China may have virtually no animal protection laws, but we’re no better.

Unthinkable acts of cruelty go on every second of every day to animals in this country. If people are such companion animal lovers, then please explain why 6-8 million dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters every year in the US? I’m sure I’ll infuriate some omni for saying this, but loving your $800 Pomeranian puppy doesn’t exactly make you an animal lover if you eat and wear the rest of the animal kingdom.

I’m not denying you have love for some animals. But let’s face it, if you really love pigs, you wouldn’t eat them. If you really love cows you wouldn’t wear their skin for a pair of expensive boots. I see the “animal lover” line not only as an excuse, but as a way to reassure oneself that what they’re doing isn’t wrong.

Food is very personal. No one wants to feel guilty for what they eat or wear. But if animal cruelty bothers you, go vegan. I’m an animal lover. That’s why I’m a vegan and an activist. #vegansofig

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cykeem white 

He’s got to be some kind of ancient God of beauty because this is ridiculous.

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We must reinforce argument with results.
(Booker T. Washington)

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